Newark airport signage… one more time!

We saw that Newark Liberty International airport has some serious problems keeping its electronic signs straight… here, and here. Well, here’s a third and (for now) last installment.

Baggage claim sign at Newark

This is the baggage claim area at the Continental domestic terminal where I landed coming in from San Francisco.

See the nice colorful sign identifying this baggage carousel, number 8,  as the one where luggage from flight CO449 is about to appear.

See the nice empty belt on carousel 8.

See the nice people thronging carousel 7 further back.

They’re retrieving their luggage, newly arrived  from flight CO 449 from San Francisco.

How nice…

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  1. 1 Jason A

    LOL, hillarious as always Nathen. Just started reading your blog and wanted to drop you a line saying keep it up

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