A time lapse at Newark

Had to take a flight out of Newark airport on the morning after the move from daylight saving to winter time. The preceding evening I took good care to set my alarm clock and wristwatch back the required hour, and took off to the airport in the morning. And when I got there, I was amused to see the many and wonderful electronic displays that are all over the place all showing an hour late.

Now, these boards and clocks are all computer controlled, and you’d think they’d let the computers handle the time shift; my own Notebook and Smartphone both did without human intervention. But even if they installed systems based on human clock-setters, like they did with the big clocks of earlier eras, surely they could’ve done the job right – and, if not, corrected the mess when it became all too visible in the morning?…

4 Responses to “A time lapse at Newark”

  1. 1 TechieBird

    Maybe they are computer controlled, just nobody changed the daylight saving algorithm when back in 2007 when the government decided to shift everything around…

  2. 2 Nathan Zeldes

    You’d think they’d learn something after the Y2K thing…

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