Grand Prize for Engrish

We’ve discussed Engrish before… it’s always hilarious, but this one beats them all. Read it through!Engrish shirt tag by Azouri

This is from a very nice flannel shirt imported by Azouri Clothing Ltd, and manufactured in China.

The amazing part is that in addition to mangling the spelling and grammar, as in “You can’t using bleash”, which is fairly normal, these folks invented some linguistic innovations that – at first glance – seem to reflect some serious erudition, like “hydrograph”, “wield”, “fumigator” and “micro therm smoothing” (“ironing” to the rest of us). It sounds like the output of an English professor who was locked in a dungeon for decades until he went mad…

And if you can decipher “powder of in dusion bleach”, do share!

2 Responses to “Grand Prize for Engrish”

  1. 1 Cynthia Young

    Ha, ha, ha! It reads like a bad translation from a manufacturing-machine manual. I think they are trying to say “dilute” or “dilution” of powered bleach is ok.

  2. 2 Linda Thorsen

    My guess is the sentence with “launder powder of in dusion bleach” is ultimately saying, “you can’t use bleach or laundry powder (i.e. detergent) including bleach”

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