Smart timing of the windshield wipers

Windshield Washer symbolA piece of thoughtful design on the Renault Clio:

When you activate the windshield washer, the fluid is squirted onto the glass and the wipers are activated for four consecutive cycles. This is pretty much standard these days. But in the Clio, they then rest for three seconds, and give the windshield another single wipe.

The added wipe gets rid of the annoying trickle of fluid that often forms at the top center of the windshield after the first wash/wipe action. It’s not hard for the driver to reactivate the wipers, but the Renault designers took care of it for us. Good thinking!

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  1. 1 jameos

    My 2007 Toyota Avalon Limited has this feature…it is DEFINITELY a nice little add-on!

    It also has a rain-sensing setting, which is super-handy…one less thing to worry about while concentrating on driving.

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