Square is beautiful!…

Sometimes you find elegant design in the places you least expect it.

We stayed in the Dan Carmel in Haifa, and the small supplies in the bathroom came in color-coordinated little boxes: shower cap, cotton pads, the usual stuff. Still, they failed to go all the way: they had tall bottles for the shampoo and a round box for the shoeshine sponge:

Hotel Dan Supplies

Which reminded me of a much better attempt at such standardized packaging that I saw in the Hotel Silken in Zaragoza, Spain:

Hotel Silken Supplies

They had ALL the supplies fit in square packages, made of either cardboard Square Eggs at the Silken Hotel in Zaragozaor plastic, and these all fit like a puzzle into a rectangular cardboard tray. Even the shampoo bottles were square and fit the scheme perfectly. It was a delightful design, injecting elegance into this utterly mundane collection of supplies, so I share it here.

These guys had such a thing going for the rectangular form factor, that even the sunny-side-up eggs they served for breakfast were square!

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