Innumeracy in the skies

Was on a United flight enjoying my coffee (such as it was), when I noticed the text on the paper cup.

Nice cup:

Paper cup on United Airlines

Makes them feel very ecological, no doubt… someone in Marketing must’ve though it a good point to brag about.

Except that it’s completely meaningless, of course. This statement remains true even if the cup contains zero recycled material.


2 Responses to “Innumeracy in the skies”

  1. 1 Ep

    Yes, it is a ecological cup. One time cup.

  2. 2 Karl Kleine

    I do hope you did not drink from this cup.

    The text says that the content of the cup is
    35% recycled stuff. Does that mean, that a third
    of its volume consists of vomit from somebody else,
    which has been topped up with some fresh coffee???

    The sentence fails both in logic and wording.

    I guess the intended sentence was “To minimize the use
    of new material from the environment we used recycled paper
    (about one third of the material) for the production of
    this paper cup.”

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