Simplicity before Greed

Most cafeterias sell water to their thirsty customers in plastic bottles full of mineral water. The water is no better than the tap water in most countries, its environmental impact is dubious, and of course it turns a tidy profit for the business. As a customer I find it annoying to pay for one of the most common molecules on my planet, but hey, there are bigger problems and like all of you I pull out my wallet and forget about it.

So you can understand my delight when, while visiting the Science Museum in London, I saw this in their cafeteria:

Water pitchers at the Science Museum, London


Self-serve, free and simple… what a delightful practice!

And then there is the wonderful museum itself…  🙂

2 Responses to “Simplicity before Greed”

  1. 1 chaniarts

    but how sanitary, or secure, is it compared to sealed bottles?

  2. 2 Nathan Zeldes

    Good point, chaniarts. Perhaps the Brits are less worried than some about being poisoned… but they do seem to be doing fine. And of course the cafeteria was sparkling clean, as you’d expect in a shrine to science.

    Maybe they also sell the bottles – I don’t remember. It would be a good idea, to give people the choice. Myself, I’d choose the tap water…

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