Right Door, Left Door

Refrigerator doorHere is a photo I snapped in a kitchen area in a company I visited. See what’s wrong?

The refrigerator sits close to the wall on the left, and its door opens to the right (handle on its left side). Which means the person opening this door has to do a little dance to get into the space between the opening door and the wall.

No big deal of course, but it’s an unnecessary inconvenience: you can buy fridges with doors hinged on either side; often you can change the side even after the purchase. Many people are unaware of this possibility, or don’t bother. In this case, all the employees on that office floor have do the dance because someone didn’t care…

2 Responses to “Right Door, Left Door”

  1. 1 Justin James

    There are possibly some good reasons for this layout. For example, they didn’t want the door handle from the refrigerator hitting the wall (or the knuckles on your hand getting crushed when you opened the door). Also, some designs need some clearance from the door to actually swing, and there may not be enough here for the door to open if the hinge is put on the left.

    So really, the REAL design flaw here was locating the refrigerator in a very narrow space right next to the wall.


  2. 2 mike

    Gee, maybe Purchasing got a good deal on a close out….just kidding.
    Mike Hensgen

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