Stupid tape measure!

Here are two retractable tape measures. The one on the left is a classic by Stanley, the other, made by Panyi,  clearly a cheaper clone. Looks the same, works the same… except for one small difference.

Notice the difference?

Tape measures by Stanley and Panyi

This type of tape measure has a stated offset printed on it, equal to the width of its metal case, to allow taking inner measurements. In the Stanley unit, the number is +50 mm, a clean round number that’s easy to add to the number you read on the tape. I also have a Stanley tape of different design that uses +60 mm… again, a nice round number.

But the cheap knock-off uses +55 mm – far less easy to rapidly add in your head. Couldn’t the manufacturer bother to add or subtract 5 mm to the case size?…

Bad, bad designer!

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  1. 1 Elyasaf Shweka

    Note that Fisco measuring tape, which is one of the most popular tape for carpenters (its like an expensive clock, its a status symbol for carpenters), the length is also 55 mm. I agree that it is less convinient, but the tape is very professional and you can’t say its a bad design.
    Great blog, by the way! if you read hebrew, I write a lot about ergonomics in my blog too, maybe you will find it intresting.

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