Food labeling we’d like to see…

Most food products have nutrition information labels that tell you in minute detail what they contain, from calorie count to milligrams of Sodium. All very edifying, to be sure, but boooring!

So the other day I saw this box of cookies, and below the logo of the English Cake bakery it says – in Hebrew – “Very tasty“!

English Cake cookies

Isn’t this something they should add to every food label? We could have cookies labeled “Very tasty“, “Tasty“, “So-so“, or “Yecch!“, just like the “Hot”, “Medium” and and “Mild” on Salsa jars. Now, wouldn’t that be useful to us consumers? 🙂

2 Responses to “Food labeling we’d like to see…”

  1. 1 Sterling Camden

    I like the way they spell “English cake” in Hebrew. Like “qeiq”.

  2. 2 Nathan Zeldes

    Hey, I remember my disbelief as a child learning English for the first time, and discovering that in that tongue Cake would be spelled as if it was pronounced KAH-KEH. It just didn’t make sense. Took me a while to accept that not all written languages are phonetic 🙂

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