Wayda go, Logan airport!

We veteran road warriors know the drill: go thru security, then hunt for a power outlet to recharge our computer at as we wait for our flight. This often involves scouting the terminal halls hoping to find the occasional wall socket intended for the janitor’s vacuum cleaner, hoping there would be a vacant chair near it. Of course, these are scarce, and as likely as not to be taken by a fellow traveler.

Power strip at Logan Airport

But on my recent trip to Boston I saw a much different approach to our problem. At Logan International airport, there are rows of seats at each gate with power outlets built right into them – lots of outlets, enough for all of us business travelers – and for those serene kids with iPods and ear buds…

Power strip at Logan Airport

Note the variety of sockets – 110VAC, 5VDC via USB… These guys have thought of everything! Add the hassle-free WiFi they have, and you have the most notebook-friendly airport terminal I’ve ever seen.

Wayda go, Logan!

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  1. 1 Sterling Camden

    Awesome! I haven’t been to Logan in ages. On a recent trip, I found that both Seattle and Denver offer free wifi, and it isn’t too slow. Seattle has a row of seats at each gate that belly up to a bar-like structure with outlets easily accessible. I don’t remember seeing any USB or 5VDC outlets, though.

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