Cool innovation in a parking garage

I was trying to find a parking spot in the parking garage under the Ramat Aviv shopping mall in Tel Aviv; this is a difficult task much of the time. But it was made very much easier because I discovered they have a truly wonderful system.

Ramat Aviv mall parking space

What you see here is that over each space they have a rod coming out from the ceiling with a lamp at its tip. A red light means the space is occupied; vacant spaces have a green light. So, as you drive around the claustrophobic maze you can see from far away where there is a free spot (and rush to get to it first!).  Simple and ingenious!

As you see in the photo above, all spaces in sight are taken… so did I find a spot? indeed I have… as you can see in the next photo (at mid-left), the occasional green light does materialize!

Ramat Aviv mall parking space

2 Responses to “Cool innovation in a parking garage”

  1. 1 yoav beery

    once i parked in munich park&drive. huge parking building but once you passed the gate a green arrowes always guide you to an empty spot.
    great design i think

  2. 2 Nathan Zeldes

    Wow, that’s even better! Way cool!

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