A friendly sign

We all know the usual “Private Parking” no-parking signs: stark red and white, with wording in fat letters forming threats of the sorry fate – towing, usually – awaiting violators. They’re designed to jar and scare the thoughtless driver. Nothing pretty about these signs, and usually that’s exactly the intent of their owners.

Friendly No Parking SignBut  here you see a sign I saw in Jerusalem on the wall of a house, next to its private parking area. It too says “Private parking – unauthorized vehicles will be towed”. But it does it in a much more friendly way… because of the little rose engraved between the lines. No idea who had this strange idea. Perhaps the owner likes flowers, as attested to by the bed of geraniums right under the sign? I can’t recall ever seeing  a sign forbidding anything that left me in a cheerful mood, but this one  certainly did.

Friendly No Parking Sign close up

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  1. 1 Jason A

    That is cute. I love how you find all these interesting signs all over the world and analyze what the person who created the sign was thinking. Nathen, I dare say I am becoming addicted lol.

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