Lavazza’s confusion

Lavazza Espresso point machineI was visiting an office where they had one of these delightful Espresso machines, an Espresso Point by Lavazza, and tried to make me a cup.

I put in a paper cup and a coffee cartridge, pushed the button at the right of the panel next to the size I wanted, and instead of that steaming coffee, I got a blinking red light at the left (marked below with an arrow).

I tried to puzzle the meaning of this light. It had the icon you see, with a coffee cup and an X. What did it mean? Obviously in a large beverage dispensing machine it would stand for “I’m out of cups”; but this machine did not store cups. It might mean “You forgot to put in the cup” – only I hadn’t. What else? “Smash a cup before I agree to make coffee”?

After much futile experimentation a local came and said “Oh, the machine is out of water”, and she proceeded to pour some in at the top. I could finally enjoy my coffee.

Lavazza Espresso Point machine - control Panel

But what a stupid design choice… the cup with the X has no relation to missing water; and indeed, the fact that the cup looks identical to those in the icons at the right side of the panel only reinforces the mis-interpretation.

Shame on you, Lavazza designers!

3 Responses to “Lavazza’s confusion”

  1. 1 mike darnell

    : )

  2. 2 Jeff Moriarty

    You’re being too kind. Anything… ANYTHING… that slows someone down from obtaining their coffee is an issue of the utmost concern!

    Lavazza… think of your customers, good human beings… denied their coffee. For SHAME!

  3. 3 Nathan Zeldes

    Well put, Jeff… what a crystal-clear, penetrating analysis! Must be the caffeine…

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