Cave Canem!

The ancient Romans were amazingly like us…

If you want to learn how they lived, you have two options: watch the HBO series (which made an honest effort at historical accuracy), or go visit Pompeii, a lively town frozen in time by that devastating Vesuvian eruption in 79 AD.

I did both, and in Pompeii I snapped this mosaic floor at the street entrance of one of the houses:

Cave Canem sign in Pompeii

Modern signNice dog, this one: not too ferocious to allow sympathy, yet substantial enough to scare away thieves. And in case your Latin is rusty, CAVE CANEM means exactly what its modern counterpart in the image at right does (but then, Latin being an important influence in English, you could have identified the words in “Caveat” and “Canine”…)

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