Neat! A shopping cart with a magnifier!

We were in a large drugstore in Germany, when I noticed that all the shopping carts had a large magnifier lens attached to them, like this:

Magnifier on a Shopping Cart

Magnifier on a Shopping CartThe magnifiers were fitted in a sturdy and elegant holder, designed to allow the carts to be stacked in a row as usual.

This was a new one for me… and it took me a moment to figure out the reason: these guys wanted their clients – even the elderly with their imperfect vision – to be able to read the fine print on the medicine packages.

I admit I was impressed that they care!

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  1. 1 bafe

    I’ve seen similar carts in Switzerland burn. They were left outside, as the lens mounted on the top plastic bar (and not on the side) focused the sunlight, the plastic started to melt, smoke and burn.
    They had to replace it with another model.
    I don’t know if you know German, here’s the whole story

  2. 2 Nathan Zeldes

    Wow! 🙂

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