The confused calendar of my E71

Here then is my sleek Nokia E71, and I really like it overall. But nobody’s perfect, right?…

Nokia E71 smartphoneTake the calendar application that came on this handheld. It has a number of shortcomings (more on these later) and one amusing quirk: most of the time when you click the calendar button it displays an empty screen with the phrase (no entries) at the center. Then, less than a second later, the actual entries for the day (in my hectic life, alas, there are always entries…) show up.

Obviously there are two routines involved, one to query the database for entries, the other to display “no entries” if there are none. It would take a minute to code it so the second routine would wait for the first to complete before shooting its big mouth off… and it would take the most rudimentary QA to discover this issue.


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  1. 1 synack

    I don’t like that DOBs won’t show up (DOB details from my contacts), it sucks 🙁

    Would be cool if they would come-up automatically…

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