New year, new freedom!

First, wishing all readers of this blog a superb new year. May it be far better than the last one, yet worse than the one to follow it.

For my part, this year heralds a new freedom – after 26 years of doing many wonderful and innovative things at Intel, I decided it’s time to do more wonderful things elsewhere. Yesterday was my last day as an Intel employee, and today I started working for myself (the advantage being, me and my new boss are guaranteed to get along splendidly 🙂 )

So, what will I be doing? Helping organizations cope with the challenges posed by today’s intense 24×7 combination of computing, communications, information and a dispersed, overloaded, anytime-anywhere workforce; and improving the software tools involved in all this. Details TBD, but stay tuned… interesting times are ahead.

Meanwhile, and more relevant to the theme of this blog: new job, new tools! Will be blogging my opinion of them as insight materializes (and time permits).

Happy 2009, folks!

3 Responses to “New year, new freedom!”

  1. 1 TDDPirate

    Your statement about your new boss is not quite true.

    I recall an entrepreneurship course, which I took several years ago. The gist of what our instructor explained at the time is as follows.

    In Intel you had a single boss.

    Now you will have several demanding bosses: your clients, the income tax collector, the national insurance collector, the customs and VAT collector, those of your suppliers who hold you by the balls, enforcers of environmental regulations.

    You also need to find a solution for various services which are taken care of for employees: purchasing, sysadmin services, meeting coordination, flight arrangements, etc.

    I, too, made the transition from employee to freelancer. My reason for this is that I noticed that my bosses are boneheads but my clients are clueful, and I prefer to work with people with a clue.

  2. 2 Jared Goralnick

    Congratulations on the BIG jump, Nathan! I can’t wait to hear the details :-). Let me know how I can help at all, and have a really great New Year!

  3. 3 Hanna Cohen

    I just sent you an Email to Intel that got rejected. Tracked you here and read the big news.

    Hope that now other organizations will be able to benefit from the insights you have accumulated in your years at Intel.

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