Ultimate clarity, take 2

Remember those gloves with utterly superfluous instructions? Here is a new contender for “most unnecessary instructions”.

Frito-Lay Sunflower Seeds

This package of sunflower seeds, from the USA, bears the directive:

Eating instructions: crack open shells, discard shells, enjoy the seeds!

Nice try, Frito-Lay, but – Uh-oh! – you might still get sued by someone: you forgot to Frito-Lay Sunflower Seeds instructionstell them to chew before swallowing the seeds!

Actually, this one is so silly that I really can’t make up my mind whether they did it because of the usual rampant CYA, or whether someone at Frito has a sense of humor and is taking a jab at the trend of assuming we consumers are idiots. Any opinion?

2 Responses to “Ultimate clarity, take 2”

  1. 1 charlie

    my opinion is that they got sued and this message is part of a settlement.

    we recently purchased a large box of chocolate coated almonds. on the back of the box, in very large letters, was the message:

    WARNING: This product was produced in a factory that processes nuts, and MAY CONTAIN NUTS or nut fragments.

    one would certainly hope so.

  2. 2 Jeff Moriarty

    You make the mistaken assumption that “Enjoying the seeds” involves eating them.

    Implying that would discriminate against people who enjoy their sunflower seeds through other “activities”, and result in yet more costly lawsuits.

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