Automatic car window controls

Electric car windows have become the norm these days; and one feature on them is “Auto”, where you can open or close a window all the way with only a momentary push on the actuator button. A useful feature, too.

What I find strange is the stinginess with which this feature is applied. In most cars, you only get it on the driver’s window, sometimes only for opening it. My Mazda 3 is of the rare few that have two-way (open and close) Auto on the driver’s switches for all 4 windows. Why is this useful? because it allows you to close all windows when you leave the car with two 2-finger clicks!

Speaking of which, we could use a “close all windows” button – a very useful function that I have yet to see on any car (I did see cars where the windows close automatically when you lock the car, but that can be a safety issue, I suppose).

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