If you need to speak to someone, live…

I’m getting to like the Lenovo blogs more and more. Consider this sentence, from an early version of an About page they had:

Finally, if you need to speak to someone, live, give David Churbuck, Lenovo’s Global VP of Marketing a call, his cell phone is 508 360 6147.

This was regrettably removed later from their main About page, but it’s still accessible in the archives, so we can see this Mirabile Dictu: a VP in a large corporation who shares his cellphone with his customers – us – on the blogosphere. Definitely wayda go!

2 Responses to “If you need to speak to someone, live…”

  1. 1 David Churbuck

    my email is better. I answer the phone but say the same thing: email me, on my personal account DAVID AT CHURBUCK DOT COM, your contact info, order number, any other details. If you call me and I’m in a meeting or driving, or whatever I can’t copy down that info accurately. So skip the phone and email if possible.

  2. 2 Nathan Zeldes

    And that’s just as fine with me, David… email or phone, the kudos is yours for being open to your customers without intermediaries. Bless you!

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