A pure waste of time

Just got off the phone at a teleconference meeting hosted by some service in the USA. I was impressed by the logic of the automated system, which went something like this:

“Welcome to the ___ teleconference system. Please enter your passcode”.
<I did>
“The number you entered is <bla bla bla… all 9 digits read slowly>.
Please press one if this is the correct passcode, or two to re-enter the code”.

What on earth could make them think this is a good idea? Why not just test the number and only if it is incorrect ask for it again?!…

3 Responses to “A pure waste of time”

  1. 1 charlie

    fears of being dropped into the wrong teleconference, i’d expect.

  2. 2 Nathan Zeldes

    Interesting idea, Charlie… though that implies massive paranoia: the number had 9 digits, so if they assign them at random (a good idea in any case) the likelihood of two conferences with numbers differing by a digit or two on the same day would be practically nil.

    But then, not all paranoids are whizzes at math 🙂

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